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Morgan Stanley and Golf

We are a Proud Partner of THE PLAYERS? Championship, and are honored to have 10-time PGA TOUR champion Justin Rose and professional golfer Cheyenne Woods as our brand ambassadors.  

Eagles for Impact

At Morgan Stanley, giving back is one of our core values, which is why we created the Eagles for Impact Challenge. For every eagle made at THE PLAYERS? Championship, we donate $5,000, the equivalent of 1,500 books, to Book Trust, which supports youth literacy. Thanks to a total of 48 eagles made this year, we donated 72,000 books to Book Trust. We look forward to another round next year to continue furthering our impact.

Book Trust logo

For 60 years, Morgan Stanley has been committed to giving children the opportunities needed to succeed. That’s why we’re excited to continue our partnership with Book Trust, an organization that is committed to making sure that every child, especially children from underserved communities, has access to books and discovers the joy and power of reading.

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Eagles for Impact

How It Works

Journey of a book from PGA player making eagle to child taking home Scholastic Book Club book
Eagle Up!
Every time an Eagle is made, 1,500 books are donated to Book Trust’s Program
The Program
Students at Book Trust partner schools from around the U.S. participate in the program
The Journey Begins
Each student chooses 1-3 books from the Scholastic catalog
The Eagle Has Landed
Students celebrate the arrival of their books in the classroom or at home
Reading Time
Students read books in school and at home, independently or with friends and family
The Joy of Reading
Students who choose their own books are more motivated to read, setting them up for success in the classroom and beyond

Partnering with Justin Rose

Ten-time PGA TOUR champion Justin Rose joined the Morgan Stanley team as our brand ambassador in 2017, a relationship rooted in our shared set of values and commitment to helping children around the world. Says Rose, "Morgan Stanley as a company embodies many of the traits that I pride myself on: focus, integrity and giving back.”

We also both strive to find solutions to challenges, whether on and off the course. Check out our “How To” series below where Justin shares his pro golf tips on how to improve your game.